Communication in Dementia Care

Teepa Snow Lecturing

Rosemarie Tamunday-Casanova, (Founder and Administrator) of Right Accord Private Duty – Home Health Care has recently enjoyed a seminar with Teepa Snow, one of the country’s leading educators on Dementia. Ms. Snow bases her behavioral approach to those with Dementia from years of work experience, first-hand caregiving interactions along with her education and available medical research. She developed her technique and training models called “Positive Approach” now being used by families and caregivers working or living with Dementia patients around the world.

Rose hopes to incorporate her education from what she learned from Teepa Snow into her training methods with her own caregivers to help give them that extra edge and those additional tools when working with patients with Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Well, Ms. Snow says, “Nothing is more challenging in Dementia care that effective communication. Have you had trouble getting a loved one to a screening, or aren’t sure how to convince them to give up driving?”

Teepa teaches these practical, effective skills so caregivers can immediately utilize them in order to better care for their loved one or their family member.